Roll-X-Cage - Dimensions & Specifications

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Internal Dimensions of the Roll-X-Cage
635mm W x 740mm D x 1555mm H

External Dimensions of Roll-X-Cage
715mm x 900mm D x 1795/1820mm H

Construction & Specifications

Plastic panels, doors and roof manufactured in compound MDPE
Locking full length door to the rear with steel coach bolt
Locking stable doors to the front with steel clips
Steel box section Z-Frame base fitted (as standard) with 2 fixed, 2 swivel 125mm diameter rubber sound-reduction castors
All metal components are fully passivated against corrosion.

Weight & Capacity

Unit weight (when fully assembled) – approximately 65kg
Volume capacity – .73 m³ internal space
Maximum safe loading weight – 400kg

* Please note that exceeding the maximum safe loading weight may damage the castors or other components of the cages.

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  • Light
  • Clean
  • Easy to Manouvre
  • Robust
  • Safe
  • Hygenic
  • Quiet
  • Secure
  • Durable
  • Repairable
  • Environmetally Friendly

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