Food and Beverage Distribution

Many manufacturers and distributors of food and beverage items have greatly benefited from the fact that our plastic rollcages can be manufactured in any colour. This has allowed businesses to implement a standardised colour coding hygiene system, that can be tied into government guidelines regarding food safety standards.

Raw Poultry and Meat RED
Cooked Meats and foods YELLOW
Vegetables GREEN
Raw Fish BLUE

As colour-coding is proven to help in the prevention of cross-contamination, this system can also be used for the storage and distribution of various other products, such as recycling waste, general waste, cleaning materials etc.

The management of hygiene standards within an organisation is paramount, and another key feature of the plastic cage is that it can be power washed and disinfected. The units can even be made with an anti-microbial additive, which kills viruses and microbes on contact. Hygiene and cleanliness are an essential part of food and beverage distribution, as highlighted in the Government Food Hygiene Guidelines.

"When a container or vehicle is used to transport different foods or both food and non-food products at the same time, the products should be separated to protect against contamination".

"When different products are transported in different loads, in the same container or vehicle the container should be cleaned effectively between loads to avoid contamination".

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  • Light
  • Clean
  • Easy to Manouvre
  • Robust
  • Safe
  • Hygenic
  • Quiet
  • Secure
  • Durable
  • Repairable
  • Environmetally Friendly

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